Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

A New Baton Rouge School with a lot of HEART

Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery (BROD) hosted a luncheon to introduce community
stakeholders to the exciting plans the school has for opening in the fall. Founding Principal,
Jesse Watson, Ph.D., presented the history and culture of the school, which was founded ten
years ago in Jefferson Parish.

The luncheon served as an opportunity for school leadership to answer questions about
Discovery teaching methods, unique course offerings and plans for community engagement.
Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy was the inaugural campus of the Discovery
network in 2013, followed by the Dr. John Ochsner Discovery school in 2020.

A decade since its founding, Discovery Schools is expanding into Baton Rouge with the goal of
providing courses and experience that prepare them for successful careers in the healthcare
industry. The network has maintained 7 years of A/B academic ratings and has partnered with
community organizations to offer unique experiences such as gardening, healthcare laboratory
opportunities and more.

Charles Natt, Jr. M.Ed., is the principal of the new campus, and shared his excitement to have
his own child enrolled in the fall. “Discovery Schools is a huge family…[and] everything is
wrapped around HEART: honor, endurance, academic achievement, responsibility and
tolerance.” Several members of the Discovery School family were also in attendance, such as
Patty Glaser, Ph.D., CEO and Head of School and Michael Kennedy, Ph.D., Director of Culture.

Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery is anticipated to open August 2023 for grades PK-8 with the
ability to expand to high school based on community demand. To learn more about Discovery
Schools and their health sciences integrated curriculum, visit