Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Balancing Connection and Curriculum at Lanier Elementary

With 9 years of experience at Redesign Schools Louisiana (RSL), Nicole Jones has a lot to offer
her student body as Principal at Lanier Elementary. She maintains a wonderful balance between
fostering healthy connection and taking education very seriously.

To foster connection, she hosts exciting events, like Lanier’s recent movie night. Children and
their families attended a movie night, complete with pajamas, hot cocoa, a dance performance
and art show performed by the students, and quality time as a family. To foster an educational
experience, she has two types of coaches in the classroom to help children succeed:
Foundation Coaches, who help bridge the gaps that students have due to the impact of
Covid-19 virtual learning, and Acceleration Coaches, who offer support to students as they
progress to the next grade level.

To learn more about Nicole Jones and her incredible work with RSL, visit their website: