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Coffee Moments Cultivating Healthy Learning Spaces

The culture at Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery Charter school is all about cultivating a healthy space to learn and grow. Founding principal, Dr. Jesse Watson states, “As a whole, Discovery School culture is about the connection between the faculty and students.”

Through initiatives like the staff and parent “Coffee Moments,” the school extends this sense of connection to include parents as valued members of the learning community. In “Coffee Moments,” families can discuss various topics related to their children’s education and well-being. These coffee conversations offer flexibility for sessions available during carpool or lunchtime, with an option to join online. By fostering a strong bond between teachers, students, and parents, Ochsner Discovery Charter School creates a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone plays an integral role in the academic journey.

The emphasis on building meaningful relationships resonates throughout the school, ensuring that each student receives personalized support and encouragement to thrive academically and emotionally.

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