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Collegiate Baton Rouge Announces New Principal

Collegiate Baton Rouge (CBR) recently announced Devan Richard as the next principal starting next year. Richard has been a part of the Collegiate community since 2018, serving as an award-winning geometry teacher, Senior Dean, and Director of Finance and Talent. Richard is a Louisiana Native who graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Human Resources.

CBR is one of five high schools in the Collegiate Academies system. All located in Louisiana, Collegiate Academies’ mission is to “build world-class public schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity.” Their open enrollment structure eliminates barriers students might face to receive quality education and postsecondary opportunities. At Collegiate Academies, 85% are
first-generation college students, 20% of students have special learning needs, and 75% come from families with unstable income. However, despite these challenges, Collegiate aims to build teams and solutions that constantly improve and keep students at the center. With this goal, Collegiate has been able to produce results and growth. All Collegiate schools are currently ranked As or Bs in the state, and 99% of students graduate with a college acceptance.

Last year, CBR had the most significant increase in graduation rate of any Baton Rouge high school, the highest number of enrollment applications in school history and ranked in the top 3 in academic growth citywide. With Richard’s experience, attention to detail, and care for the students, his leadership will continue to propel Collegiate BR into the excellence they have already achieved.

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