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Empowering Youth Voices: State Troopers Visit CSAL Middle School for Open Dialogue

On Wednesday, September 6, CSAL Middle School echoed with vital conversation as state troopers engaged students in an open dialogue. The event, “Law Enforcement and the Youth,” aimed to bridge the gap between young minds and the law enforcement community.

During this unique event, state troopers discussed their roles and took part in skits to break the ice. The format intentionally encouraged students to ask questions and feel at liberty to communicate their thoughts. Lamont Cole, Chief Academic Officer of CSAL Inc School District, emphasized this initiative, stating, “The opportunity for young people to be able to speak to law enforcement members in an intimate setting removes any uncomfortable feelings and allows youth to express themselves freely.”

The goal was to establish open communication, dispel stereotypes, and foster a stronger relationship between students and law enforcement. This annual event extends beyond the classroom for a safer, more united Baton Rouge.

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