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Free Baton Rouge Expo for Students Seeking STEAM, Legal, and Aviation Opportunities

Helix Community Schools is proudly hosting a free School Expo and Family Day on April 20th at Helix Aviation Academy. The event will take place from 11 AM to 2 PM and will feature school performances, games, community vendors, raffles, and complimentary lunch.

Helix Community Schools is a Baton Rouge-based charter school network committed to providing career-oriented learning opportunities to students. Helix consists of three unique campuses: Helix Legal Academy, Helix Aviation Academy, and Helix Mentorship STEAM Academy. Each specializes in different career pathways and aims to bridge the gap between education and the global job market.

Helix Mentorship STEAM Academy was the first Helix campus to open. The school focuses on STEAM-based learning, which includes science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Their emphasis on technology allows students to have one-to-one laptops and hands-on learning experiences in the classroom. As an early college high school, Helix Mentorship seamlessly blends high school and college curriculums to increase postsecondary success. Additionally, Helix Mentorship offers a unique Corporate Work Study Program, which collaborates with over 25 local businesses to provide ninth to twelfth-grade students with highly educational internships and work experiences. Preston Castille, President of Helix Community Schools, started the flagship campus 13 years ago and its success opened doors for Helix to broaden its footprint in the community. Castille was previously quoted explaining how “partnering with the two economic drivers of North Baton Rouge, the airport and Southern University,” led to the opening of two more Helix campuses.

Helix Legal Academy offers a curriculum that prepares future lawyers and legal professionals unavailable anywhere else in Baton Rouge. Their instructional vision revolves around five essential legal components: advocacy, argumentation, critical thinking, research, and negotiation. Located downtown near federal courthouses, City Hall, several law firms, and Southern University Law School, Helix Legal provides genuine exposure to legal professions and the government for students in grades sixth to eighth.

Helix Aviation Academy, located at the Baton Rouge Regional Airport, is dedicated to equipping students for futures in both aviation and cyber technology careers. They use the nationally renowned Aviation Education Curriculum from the Federal Aviation Administration to provide kindergarten to first-grade and sixth to ninth-grade students with a deep understanding of aviation, including flight, aeronautical engineering, and aircraft technology.

The Helix Community Schools Family Day welcomes the public and any families seeking to learn more about the special programs offered at each Helix campus. To learn more about the upcoming Helix’s programs and enrollment visit their website at