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From Kenner to Baton Rouge: HEARTwheels Rolls Out Kindness andInclusivity

Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery Health Sciences Academy’s inaugural summer event, “HEARTwheels”, is an initiative that promotes community involvement by distributing popsicles to kids and their families at various locations around the city.

Dr. Jesse Watson, founding Principal at Kenner Discovery School Health Sciences Academy and current Director of Recruitment and Community Engagement at Discovery Schools has been a driving proponent of Discovery HEARTwheels. Dr. Watson mentioned this event came from a place of “wanting to make sure that we were reaching out to families and keeping up with our students over the summer while also extending H.E.A.R.T. to those outside of the Discovery community.” Discovery Schools HEART tenets are Honor, Endurance, Academic Achievement, Responsibility, and Tolerance.

Parks and community centers have proven to be prime locations to engage with families, and regular updates are shared on the school’s Facebook page. The event’s success has led to families eagerly following the tour. While originating in Kenner, LA, HEARTwheels also expanded beyond Kenner to include families in Baton Rouge. HEARTwheels represents positivity, connection, community engagement, and Discovery Schools’ commitment to families.