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McKendrian and Kenilworth CharterSchool: Quite the team at LSEF

The Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair is an exciting competition for students in grades
4-12, aimed at encouraging STEM learning. Honoring over 60 years of tradition, the regional
competition attracts 300+ students each year, all vying to place in the top 10% for the chance to
be nominated for The Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge.

Coming in at first place is McKendrian Coleman, 8th grade student at Kenilworth Science and
Technology School. Partnering with an LSU professor, McKendrian won first place in Animal
Science for his groundbreaking research on the effect of temperature on the tunneling and
feeding behaviors of the Formosan T subterranean termite, a particularly invasive termite
species in warmer climates like Louisiana.

McKendrian’s dreams for the future include being a real estate tycoon, based on his love for
building things.

Kenilworth Science and Technology School had a great showing this year, with four out of six
students making it to the finals. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit their website at