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Past Roots Propelling the Future: Celebrating the Resurgence of Zion City School

Glen Oaks Middle School, once flourishing under the cherished name “Zion City School,” slowly saw its identity as a neighborhood school fade away as time went on.

Determined to reclaim their heritage, the school’s alumni collaborated for a year, and recently gained approval from the Louisiana Department of Education to restore the original name. Earlier in the year, alumni gathered at a neighborhood picnic to pay homage to the history of the school and unite with current students. The event helped catalyze the name change as a way to honor the school’s past while embracing its promising future.

The decision to change Glen Oaks Middle’s name back to Zion City represents a powerful declaration of the school’s commitment to the neighborhood it’s planted in and the pursuit of educational excellence.

By embracing its historical roots, investing in the neighborhood, and involving alumni and residents in the process, the school is paving the way for a brighter future for their community.

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