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Reimagining Education Through The K-16 Model

A recent poll shows that 56% of Americans don’t believe that earning a four-year degree is worth the investment which has resulted in enrollment rates declining. To combat this trend, educational leaders are looking for new ways to engage future generations.

One such leader, Geo Academies, is reimagining educational experiences for students in high-poverty areas through a strategy called the K-16 model. This model integrates college classes into the high school curriculum, reducing student loan debt and increasing college graduation rates. According to a case study published by The74, “the K-16 model provides transportation to our partner community and four-year colleges. This exposes students who otherwise might never have even considered getting a higher degree to college classes on real college campuses, with other college-level students.”

May 17th, GEO Academies graduated 22 students who will have earned a college degree before receiving their high school diploma. One remarkable student, who started college classes at age 11, achieved an associate degree by age 13—making him the youngest in his state to do so. Additionally, he will accomplish a full bachelor’s degree while in high school, becoming our third student to achieve this incredible feat by the age of 15.

Geo Academies are able to achieve K-16 outcomes by utilizing K-12 funding to provide college educations, effectively allocating resources typically associated with supporting a student through high school.

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