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Solid Foundations: Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery School’s Comprehensive Approach to Positivity

In a recent interview, the administration of Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery School (BROD) highlighted their comprehensive approach to fostering a positive school culture.

First, BROD organizes staff development sessions that are designed to empower teachers to offer students a solid academic foundation for lifelong learning via cutting-edge educational technology. During these sessions, teachers and staff have the opportunity to become acquainted with the school’s culture and expectations. By investing in this onboarding process, Discovery School aims to prevent
last-minute challenges and fully equip teachers before the school year begins. New teachers are introduced to Discovery’s comprehensive support system for new staff. All teachers are paired with an experienced individual within the organization, who serves as a point of contact for any questions or concerns.

This model secondarily enables staff and teachers to focus on BROD’s culture, emphasizing connection and support. Morning meetings, unique to each campus, are held on Mondays and Fridays as a moment to intentionally check in with each student. This prepares students for the school week or weekend. Morning meetings include recognition of student achievements, along with classroom and campus
acknowledgments, offering a sense of belonging and motivation. In addition to counseling sessions being available to students, these morning meetings serve as a checkpoint to address the social-emotional needs of students, providing space for hands-on learning opportunities.

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