Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Talented Teachers Deck the Halls After School

It’s not uncommon for school teachers to be crafty or find joy in completing DIY projects. More
often than not, teachers express their creativity in their classrooms and hallways, showcasing
their talents through decor themes and fun lesson activities. Other times, teachers use their
spare time to showcase their talents outside the classroom.
Kirby Alsandor is a 1st Grade Learning Expert Teacher at Basis Baton Rouge Midcity. During
the holiday season, Kirby can often be found covered in glitter or tinsel because she’s also a
professional Christmas tree decorator. Her company, The Kirb Appeal, is known for bringing all
things merry and bright to clients in their homes, business and for events.
“I love the holidays because it’s a time of love and happiness and when families come together,”
Kirby says. She’s contracted on her off-days and after school to decorate Christmas trees,
mantles, entryways and more! Her clients’ response is her favorite part of the job because “it
brings me so much joy to see their faces and how excited they are once they see the finished

If you’d like to see a “Kirb Appeal” original for yourself, Kirby is participating in a Christmas tree
decorating contest at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center. Her peacock themed tree will be
on display no through Tuesday, December 27th.