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Thrive Academy and Teach For America Join Forces, Creating A Powerful Collaboration for Educational Equity

Thrive Academy, founded by Teach for America corps members, hosts a vibrant residential summer program, “June School,” in collaboration with Teach For America. According to Superintendent Paul Sampson, it was always his goal to bring Teach For America to Thrive Academy because of Teach For America’s abundance of “new ideas and fresh perspectives”. Due to Covid-19 delays, this initiative met with setbacks but in Fall 2022, Thrive Academy and Teach For America were able to partner again.

Teach For America’s mission aligns seamlessly with June School, as they actively strive to combat educational disparities that affect a significant number of Thrive Academy’s students. Superintendent Sampson says through June School, Thrive Academy has been able to create a wonderful blend of educational and sport experiences that include basketball, football, cheer, and dance camp experiences that he’s “proud to send [his] daughter to attend.”

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