Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Unleashing Creativity: Ms. Cole’s Impact on the Digital Arts

University View Academy’s (UVA) digital arts teacher, Ms. Raven Cole, embodies the joy and exploration of educational excellence. Her creativity and commitment to her students was most recently recognized with the 2023 High School Teacher of the Year award at UVA. Not only does she excel in the digital arts classroom, but she also spearheads three vibrant student clubs, including a groundbreaking TED-Ed Club, a TED Talk-style forum for students to develop and document their original ideas.

With the UVA’s theme of the year being #MissionPossible, Ms. Cole incorporates this mantra by helping students who don’t naturally identify as artists “tap into their creativity.” She strongly believes that “creativity is a skill that can be taught, not something you have or don’t have.”

Cole’s emphasis on equity and creativity fosters a sense of community among her students, particularly those reliant on virtual learning. To learn more about Ms. Cole’s work and other exciting things happening at UVA, visit