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Unlocking Potential: Shantel Reynard’s Approach to Accelerating Literacy

Shantel Reynard, acceleration coach at RSL Lanier Elementary, brings a decade of educational experience to her role. Originally from Louisiana and an LSU alumna, her expertise lies in early childhood education, particularly pre-K to second grade.

As an acceleration coach, she specializes in foundational literacy skills. Shantel’s passion for working directly with students is evident in her commitment to fostering creativity and curiosity. She emphasizes collaboration and the importance of involving parents in their child’s literacy, saying, “Even if it’s not necessarily the homework or academic component, just grab a book and read it or a magazine or put the captions on your TV, turn the volume down. That’s reading while we watch our favorite show.”

Her innovative approach emphasizes collaborative data analysis and leveraging the science of reading. Looking ahead, Shantel aspires to elevate teaching methods across Louisiana.

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