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Why FranU is the Best Choice

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University (FranU) is a premier Catholic university that provides students a faith-filled, formative, and hands-on education that will prepare them for their careers and in serving their communities.

Students choose FranU for its rigorous curriculum, its welcoming and tech-savvy environment, and the classroom sizes. Students attend knowing they are more than just a number, and they graduate feeling well-prepared for their careers and beyond. Here are four reasons why FranU is the top choice for students.

1. Career-focused Curriculum

For Morgan Duncan, a second-year student at FranU, pursuing a career in the nursing field was always the plan for her. Duncan knew that instead of attending the local nursing school, she wanted something more in her educational journey. “I wanted something more devoted to medicine. Whenever I looked over FranU’s curriculum, it seemed spearheaded to making sure we received a well-rounded education.”

Whether a student chooses to enter the School of Nursing, Health Professions, or Arts and Sciences, they can guarantee a program that will help them meet the challenges and demands of an ever-changing healthcare environment and be prepared for a variety of career settings.

2. Advanced Campus

Located in Baton Rouge, FranU’s campus is technologically advanced to provide students with engaged learning experiences. The staff and professors also help to establish a welcoming environment, and they are all top-tier educators, having received various accolades in their fields.

For Duncan, the campus was a major selling point. “I toured the campus and was so impressed with how advanced it was. The technology is what we will be using in hospitals, and I had never seen something so hands-on in education before,” she says.

Breann DeLee, a student currently in FranU’s physician assistant program, adds. “I really like the campus. It’s a nice community, and I enjoy that I am not walking a mile to get to my classes.”

3. Small Classroom Sizes

Major universities can often lose the personable feeling between the professors and students. At FranU, classroom sizes are smaller in order to allow professors to provide students with the attention and help they need.

“I love how small it is. All of my professors know my name. It’s personable, and I feel seen and heard, which is everything you need out of an education, especially in medicine. Our professors and staff make it a point to make us feel seen and give us the time and attention we need for us to go into our career field. We need to know how to have those human connections and we need to know them well. The professors focus on deep understanding instead of superficial memorization, and they understand the rigor we need to know everything,” says Duncan.

DeLee agrees and adds how she appreciates how much the professors care about their students’ success and how they make themselves available to them. “At FranU, I have professors reach out to me and let me know they are always free and available if I need to talk,” she says.

4. Excellent Academic Programs

FranU provides students with an opportunity to advance their education through various paths. The university offers a wide range of programs, including biology, theology, psychology, great books, laboratory science, nutritional science, applied behavior analysis, physical therapy, and business administration.

In her undergrad, DeLee was a psychology major and really enjoyed the program due to the small class sizes and access to her professors. She says, “They were able to give us more attention, and they really care about your feedback.”

FranU is setting up students for success by providing an educational environment that is unmatched by other universities. To start your journey now, visit